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Do I live in a safe neighborhood in San Diego?

How to identify a safe neighborhood

When deciding where to live, one main consideration is how safe in the neighborhood.  In addition to asking your neighbors and your realtor, there are a number of web sites that can provide pertinent information to determine how safe it is.



1.  Check with you local police or sheriff’s office and ask about reported incidents, response times and neighborhood watch efforts. Then, go online to

2. Walk the neighborhood and check out parking as well as common areas like parks and median strips. Then go online to

Researching the web as well as talking with neighbors, local police will provide you with information to decide if you feel safe in that neighborhood. Being safe is more than just facts, it is also taking precautions to provide the safe feeling with want in our home.

For more information or if you have some websites to share, please email me at

 June Kubli




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