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I came across this great article from the folks at on How to Neutralize Odors with Vanilla Extra. It works great. Enjoy!


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1. Take a cotton ball and moisten it with a liberal amount of vanilla extract. Leave the vanilla-moistened cotton ball in your refrigerator to neutralize food smells.

2. Place more cotton balls moistened with vanilla extract in musty closets, bathrooms, basements or other areas where unpleasant smells may arise.

3. Find a shallow dish and fill it with about 2 or 3 tsp. of vanilla extract. Place it in your microwave and heat it with your microwave’s highest setting for one minute to combat pesky odors.

4. Add 1 tbs. of vanilla extract to a can full of fresh paint. Mix the paint with a stick or brush to stop the unpleasant paint fumes from taking over your home.

5. Put a few drops of vanilla extract on your vacuum’s filter. Allow the vacuum to infuse your carpet with the aroma of vanilla while vacuuming.

6. Turn off appliances that use light bulbs and allow the bulbs to cool. Dab about two drops of vanilla extract on your fingertip and smear it on the light bulb’s surface. Turn on your light bulbs and enjoy the scent of warmed vanilla in your home.



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